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The Dragon's best friends are Rats or Monkeys. Their mortal enemies are Dogs. To find out how other animal signs relate to the Dragon, consult the list below. L  E  G  E  N  D
-- Not good together.
-- Needs work.
-- Sexual attraction.
-- Bliss!
Chinese Horoscope

  • Rat    
    This partnership is destined for happiness. There is plenty of understanding and passion between the two.

  • Ox    
    Although attracted to each other at first, both the Dragon and the Ox are two stubborn to make this relationship work. The essential give and take is lacking.

  • Tiger    
    A relationship full of guts, arguing, and serious lovemaking. Sparks are abound to light their passionate fuses.

  • Rabbit    
    Unless they can learn to give and take, the differences between Dragons and Rabbits with bring them together or tear them apart.

  • Dragon    
    Dragons with Dragons can make for powerful, strong relationships -- if they can learn to share the spotlight.

  • Snake    
    Both the Snake and the Dragon are clever, crafty, quick-witted flirts, and make a perfect fit together.

  • Horse    
    Horses and Dragons have great sexual relationships. A chemical in their brain binds their libidos together. If they can reach an understanding, they're looking at a great partnership.

  • Sheep    
    They're sexually attracted to each other, but in the end Sheep and Dragons will realize they have different destinies, and were never meant to be. Sniff.

  • Monkey    
    An exciting, vibrant relationship -- Monkeys and Dragons think alike and understand each other. Their relationships are destined for happiness and success.

  • Rooster    
    Interesting, exquisite pair in an interesting, ego-centered relationship. They manage to look really good together until their meglomania gets in the way.

  • Dog    
    Just keep on walking. Don't look back. Do say a word. Just walk. Dragon and Dog relationships are tumultous -- after all is said and done the relationship ends with both parties in an unhealthy mental state.

  • Pig    
    Pigs and Dragons share a love so deep, cute and cuddly it will irritate those that co-inhabit the environment they love in. Even flowers cringe in their presence. Seriously -- it's a caring, sharing partnership.

Chinese Horoscope