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The Rabbit's best friends are Sheep or Pigs. Their mortal enemies are Roosters. To find out how other animal signs relate to the Rabbit, consult the list below. L  E  G  E  N  D
-- Not good together.
-- Needs work.
-- Sexual attraction.
-- Bliss!
Chinese Horoscope

  • Rat    
    Rabbits and Rats become frustrated with each other -- Rats thrive on adventure, and feel that Rabbits lack energy and spontaneity. They are on different wavelengths.

  • Ox    
    In the business world, Oxen and Rabbits are too laid back to make this relationship work, but a union between the two can lead to a gentle, contented domestic life.

  • Tiger    
    The differences between Rabbits and Tigers somehow manage to weld them together and make them better people.

  • Rabbit    
    Rabbits love Rabbits -- it's a simple, successful pairing of two affectionate, highly-cultured, well-mannered individuals.

  • Dragon    
    Unless they can learn to give and take, the differences between Dragons and Rabbits with bring them together or tear them apart.

  • Snake    
    This relationship is all about sex. Really. Great. Sex.

  • Horse    
    The Horse and Rabbit relationship is difficult but possible to achieve -- they can put up with each other despite conflicts.

  • Sheep    
    Love as true and blue as the day God made it. Their shared interests, mutual respect and understanding make the Rabbit/Sheep relationship all the better.

  • Monkey    
    When a Rabbit and Monkey get together, someone is going to be left drowning in their own tears (and it ain't the Monkey).

  • Rooster    
    Polar opposites in every way, the Rooster and Rabbit have absolutely no common ground or interest to develop a relationship.

  • Dog    
    A rock steady relationship with a lot of potential.

  • Pig    
    Pigs and Rabbits are warm, happy, close and all around comfy with each other. They can have an enduring love for one another.

Chinese Horoscope