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The Rooster's best friends are Oxen or Snakes. Their mortal enemies are Rabbits. To find
out how other animal signs relate to the Rooster, consult
the list below.
L  E  G  E  N  D
-- Not good together.
-- Needs work.
-- Sexual attraction.
-- Bliss!
Chinese Horoscope

  • Rat    
    There is more conflict than love in this relationship. Too many differences need to be resolved for this relationship to go anywhere.

  • Ox    
    A great match that is blessed by the gods. The sex, passion and excitment can lead to a happy and successful relationship.

  • Tiger    
    The misunderstandings between Roosters and Tigers can create problems in their relationship. Both have to be ready to communicate to make it work.

  • Rabbit    
    Polar opposites in every way, the Rooster and Rabbit have absolutely no common ground or interest to develop a relationship.

  • Dragon    
    Interesting, exquisite pair in an interesting, ego-centered relationship. They manage to look really good together until their meglomania gets in the way.

  • Snake    
    Snakes and Roosters make an excellent team.

  • Horse    
    Horses and Roosters can make an excellent team. They just have to make sure their quarrels and power struggles don't undermine their love for each other.

  • Sheep    
    This relationship seems to run into problems every other day, and is the compatiblity equivalent to open heart surgery -- every mistake just makes things worse.

  • Monkey    
    There's barely any romance shared between this two, and if there is, it won't be much fun.

  • Rooster    
    Most households can only handle ONE self-righteous person, let alone two. A disastrous relationship.

  • Dog    
    Lack of common ground make the Rooster/Dog relationship an uphill struggle.

  • Pig    
    Depsite the differences in personality and opinion, the Rooster and Pig can, with a lot of work and patience, form an excellent relationship.

Chinese Horoscope