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The Snake's best friends are Oxen or Roosters. Their mortal enemies are Pigs. To find out how other animal signs relate to the Snake, consult the list below. L  E  G  E  N  D
-- Not good together.
-- Needs work.
-- Sexual attraction.
-- Bliss!
Chinese Horoscope

  • Rat    
    The Snake and the Rat seem fascinated with each other. One can learn a great deal from the other, if they worked on their difference of characters.

  • Ox    
    A great partnership -- sympathetic, loving, and understanding, both parties are on the same wavelength.

  • Tiger    
    Two many big differences for this relationship to work. Different outlook, different lifestyle and different objectives. Survey says: "Not going to happen!"

  • Rabbit    
    This relationship is all about sex. Really. Great. Sex.

  • Dragon    
    Both the Snake and the Dragon are clever, crafty, quick-witted flirts, and make a perfect fit together.

  • Snake    
    Snakes can match wits and play Mensa games with each other till there is no tommorrow -- they are intellectual equals. But emotionally, jealousy rears its ugly head. Snakes are best when they maintain separate identities.

  • Horse    
    Different perspectives and different agendas equals an insignificant relationship. But there is a chance to sort things out through a little communication.

  • Sheep    
    They make terrific friends and even sexier lovers.

  • Monkey    
    Snakes and Monkeys spend most of their time watching their own backs. Their suspicions of each other can be overcome with a little cooperation.

  • Rooster    
    Snakes and Roosters make an excellent team.

  • Dog    
    These two are attracted to each other on sight. After exploring a physical relationship, they come to realize they get along mentally as well.

  • Pig    
    Snakes eat pigs. They have little to nothing in common.

Chinese Horoscope