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The Tiger's best friends are Horses or Dogs. Their mortal enemies are Monkeys (dang dirty apes). To find out how other animal signs relate to the Tiger, consult the list below. L  E  G  E  N  D
-- Not good together.
-- Needs work.
-- Sexual attraction.
-- Bliss!
Chinese Horoscope

  • Rat    
    Tigers and Rats need to learn how to compromise. One should expect some dramatic clashes of temperament. They make good friends but lack any true passion.

  • Ox    
    The Chinese say that this could be one of the worst matches possible. Still, despite the probability of a horrible outcome, the Ox and the Tiger are drawn to each other. Their temperments will most likely clash.

  • Tiger    
    What happens when you put two dominating, individualistic creatures together? A lot of posturing and a potato sack of arguing.

  • Rabbit    
    The differences between Rabbits and Tigers somehow manage to weld them together and make them better people.

  • Dragon    
    A relationship full of guts, arguing, and serious lovemaking. Sparks are abound to light their passionate fuses.

  • Snake    
    Two many big differences for this relationship to work. Different outlook, different lifestyle and different objectives. Survey says: "Not going to happen!"

  • Horse    
    A Rip-Roaring Action Thrill Ride! In all seriousness, the adventures the Horse and Tiger insure an exciting life together.

  • Sheep    
    A relationship were both parties have TOO much respect each other. The two animals exert so much effort not to offend each other that they are never really comfortable. An excellent working relationship but a crummy marital one.

  • Monkey    
    No. Under no circumstances should a Tiger and Monkey date. This relationship is deeply frustrating and will have the two partners climbing up walls and clawing at each other's throats.

  • Rooster    
    The misunderstandings between Roosters and Tigers can create problems in their relationship. Both have to be ready to communicate to make it work.

  • Dog    
    Mutual admiration and respect make this relationship a winning team and solid union.

  • Pig    
    A good humored relationship that keeps both parties smiling. A union bound by friendship and common interests.

Chinese Horoscope