Natal Charts
Most people confuse the 12 houses of the horoscope with the 12 signs of the zodiac. Although they are interrelated, the two are both quite different.

The houses deal with the material/physical interests, and conditions of a person, while the signs represent more of the internal and spiritual nature of that person.
Chart of the Houses On a chart, the 12 houses remain as permanant divisions and do not change or shift. The Signs however, are sections in the Zodiac chart that revolve around the chart from east to west, in relation to the Earth's motion on its axis.

Like the Zodiac Signs, each house has a different significance and represents different qualities. In order to fully understand the nature of horoscopes, it is necessary to know the different houses and their relationships with everything else.
1st House: Rules the head and the body. This house generally governs your personality, mannerisms and tendencies, as well as your view of the world.

2nd House: Rules the throat and the ears. This house deals with financial affairs, where gains and losses are dependant on the position of the planets.

3rd House: Rules the shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, collar bone and nervous system. This house deals with journeys, studies, mental tendencies and abilities.

4th House: Rules the breast, stomach and digestive organs. This house deals with affairs regarding home, your environment and your general domestic problems. Deals with your outlook on property, and accomplishments.

5th House: Rules the heart, upper half and sides of the back. This house deals with gratifying emotions, love and children.

6th House: Rules the solar plexus and the bowels. This house deals with food, eating habits, hygiene, sickness, work, and your attire.

7th House: Rules the reins, kidneys, ovaries and lower half of your back. This house deals with relationships and encounters with others, which involves, marriage, lawsuits, enemies, and partnerships.

8th House: Rules the muscular system, bladder and sex organs. This house deals with all things connected to death and financial affairs.

9th House: Rules the liver and thighs. This house deals with spiritual habits, such as dreams, visions, intuition. It also deals with your relationship with foreign countries.

10th House: Rules the knees. This house deals with items such as occupation, honor, fame, promotions.

11th House: Rules the ankles. This house deals with friends and colleagues, hopes and wishes.

12th House: Rules the feet. This house deals with matters of unsettlement, and unexpected troubles. It also deals with your limitations, deep sorrows and secrets, sufferings, and self-undoings.