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  FEBRUARY 19 to
       March 20
Sign: Pisces
Name: Fishes
Ruler: Neptune

General Advice

A radiant and everlasting voice calls for your romantic soul -- do what your heart tells you to. There is a karmic bond to be felt, and it must be taken to completion. Let go of the bitterness created by past relationships, so that your wounded heart can finally heal. Let the sexual rebel come out, as an envigorating quest demands your total participation. Feel the magic of spring, as a compelling desire is certain to change the course of your fate. It is time to take the road less travelled.

Pisces Attributes

Qualities=Mutable, Watery, Feminine

The Sun in Pisces

It is difficult for you to notice the suffering of others, including animals. Upon noticing, you can also be fairly emotional in sight of such suffering. You are sympathetic to those in distress, especially animals and children, and you also have a desire to help them. However, you also tend to suffer inside. Generally you are modest, and sometimes timid and lacking in self-confidence. You also have a certain faith for the unknown. You are imaginative, as well as impressionable. Gullibility is also sometimes a factor.