Natal Charts
The movement and position of the planets have a significant effect on our behaviour. One of the studies behind it is the electrodynamic theory of life, where all living things contain a biomagnetic field around them. This electrical rhythm within human beings, relate to and are influenced by the gravitational pull of the planets as they travel, as well as the lunar phases of the moon.

These changes can induce different behaviours within us, such as increase our sex drive, or bring out our dormant psychotic tendencies. Werewolf behaviour and full moons might not even be that much of a stretch to believe.

Since the planets are constantly on the move, they are often fall under signs in which they do not normally rule. Their influence over us changes depending on how they harmonize with the sign. The planets themselves do not become stronger or weaker, but rather it is our response to them that changes.

  Moon: Its influences are cold, self-possessed, and feminine. Rules the brain, stomach, breasts and eyes (left eye of males, and right of females). Its significant day is Monday. It generally governs the Cancer sign.

  Mercury: Its influence is dualistic, neutral and genderless, it also has an effect on your intellect. It rules the nervous sysem, solar plexus, bowels, arms, mouth, tongue and vision. Its significant day is Wednesday. It generally governs the Gemini and Virgo signs.

  Venus: It influences your sense of touch, and the higher/more enlightened quality of your mind (music, poetry, painting, singing). It has a feminine nature. Its significant day is Friday. It generally governs the Taurus and Libra signs.

  Sun: Its influence is hot, life giving and masculine. It deals with health and rank. Its day is Sunday. Rules the sides and upper half of the back, heart, right eye of males, and left of females. It generally governs the Leo sign.

  Mars: It influences strength, energy and courage. It is also considered a masculine planet. Rules the sex organs, bladder, muscular system, head, face, left ear and taste. Its significant day is Tuesday. It generally governs the Aries and Scorpio sign.

  Jupiter: Its influence is friendly, hot, and masculine. It deals with financial affairs. It rules the blood, liver, veins, arteries, and thighs. Its significant day is Thursday. It generally governs the Sagittarius sign.

  Saturn: Its influence is dark, cold, melancholic and masculine. It influences caution, excellent organization, as well as irritability and discontentment. It rules the teeth, bones, spleen, knees, right ear, and hearing. Its significant day is Saturday. It generally governs the Capricorn sign.

  Uranus: Its influence is cold, dry and eccentric. It deals with curiosity, investigation and wonder. It rules the ankles and intuition. It generally it governs the Aquarius sign.

  Neptune: Rather than a physical or material influence, Neptune's influence is more of a psychic nature, dealing with things of secret or mysterious nature. It rules the feet. Generally governs the Pisces sign.

  Pluto: Pluto represents a cleansing force and rules the reproductive system. It deals with trust, obsessions and power struggles. It generally governs the Scorpio sign.