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The Fame Line

The Line of Fame reinforces the Line of Fate. Sometimes this line may be missing on the palm, in this case one's future fame must be looked for in other areas of the palm. The Line of Fame influences the social rewards of success. Those who lack this line may still be successful but may will do without public acclaim.

This line starts at the base of the hand, and moves its way up to below the ring finger, running parallel to the Line of Fate.

  • Special markings on this line indicate specific events which occurred in your life. The line can be divided into three parts to help judge when certain events occurred or might occur: (1) represents youth, (2) represents adult, (3) represents old age.

    A strong and clear Line of Fame indicates both distinction and satisfaction with your life's work.

  • If the line appears broken, this is an indication of the ups and downs of your social recognition.

  • If the line travels to the ring finger, this indicates fame in the arts.

  • Starting at the Head Line running through the Heart Line, indicates hard work and success late in life. But a fork ending the line indicates that the success may be dubious in value.

  • If the line ends beneath the ring finger in a star or triangle, spectacular success awaits in the fine arts field. A square in the same area indicates you to be a kindly patron.