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The Minor Lines

The Minor Lines can be found in most hands. They include the lines of: Opposition, Intuition, Escape, and Influence.

The Lines of Opposition: These lines can be found on the outside of the palm, between the Heart and Head Lines. These lines illustrate the opposing forces that we all must deal with in life.

  • The Line of Intuition: This line appears on the outer palm. It illustrates strong insight. If you have this line you are an extremely sensitive, intuitive person and may have ESP.

  • This is a reversed version of the Line of Intuition. All the same traits that apply to a normal line of intuition apply here as well.

  • The Line of Escape: This line illustrates an individual who escapes the problems of their life by indulging in their imagination. If the Line of Escape connects with the Line of Fame, they retreat into creative arts. If the line of escape connects with the Line of Health, they indulge in drugs & drinking (this connection here can also foreshadow suicide).

  • The Line of Influence: These lines originate from the base of the thumb, and radiate out into the palm. Where they connect with other lines they illustrate an important event. The most sought after influence lines are the ones that show how and where you will come into money.